We, the Nation: the Lost Decades [Nani A. Palkhivala] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A book for all persons and all seasons indeed. We, the nation: the lost decades. Front Cover. Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala. UBS Publishers’ Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the usual places. We, the Nation: The Lost Decades. Front Cover. Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala. UBS Publishers’ Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the usual places.

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A self-help manual, and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. Chetan Misal rated it liked it Sep 02, On all other matters he is a thorough Liberal.

He talked to the Sikhs m Amritsar and impressed upon pslkhivala how we all have to live together as we the nation nani palkhivala and sisters.

It will gather momentum m the days to come, with unforeseen consequences for the integrity and unity of India The Mandal Report suffers from five fatal flaws: He had a sense of honour and good faith which successive governments so sadly lacked He never dreamt that the promise contained in Article of the Constitution to give privy purses to the Princes would be broken later. The Eighth Plan lays great emphasis on export of cement, m view we the nation nani palkhivala the fact that our neighbouring countries are net importers of this commodity.

The question is — does the Budget resolve the problem of poverty or does it merely re-cycle the problem 9 Do we want a budget we the nation nani palkhivala Jobs or a budget for Doles, a budget for Self-help or a budget for State help 9 We must never try to brush aside reality, however unpleasant it may be.

It must be remembered that the donation was made in November when the scam had not yet exploded Mr Narasimha Rao should have put the blunt question — is there any member of the Lok Sab ha who has got elected without financial support from others?

These two incidents bear witness to the genius of India for getting rid of persons who are most needed at a critical moment in our history. Transfer of technology can be the most fruitful type of assistance. Integrity and self-effacement came as naturally to him as deviousness and ostentation come to some others. Secondly, the greatest roadblock to the development of the cement industry is the erratic supply of coal and electricity, not to speak of the deplorably low quality of coal The ash content of Indian coal can be as high as 40 per cent Luckily for India, the public sector has ceased to be the sacred cow — it is no longer beyond criticism.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Secondly, we must improve the quality of public administration which is today at we the nation nani palkhivala all-time low.

Unraveling the Power of Citizen Engagement. But, deplorably, the concreting of roads has no priority. Public financing of political parties can be a sensible ingredient of the democratic process, but not when it is by the backdoor. Liberty has a hypnotizing sound, while, unfortunately, respon- sibility has no sex appeal Freedom is like alcohol — it must be taken in moderation Perhaps we are making life too easy for criminals and too difficult for law-abiding citizens.

We the nation nani palkhivala Menon was the Law Minister in the Congress government. Departing, again, from the hallowed tradition of the Indian legal profession, I shall come straight to the point. It is we the nation nani palkhivala masterpiece from one of the legendary tax lawyers of our country.

It is a measure of the sick and anaemic condition of our education today that the lives and thoughts of men like Asutosh are not prescribed studies m our schools and colleges which are content to chum out ethical blockheads Sir Asutosh was born on June 29,and died on May 25, Centenary of Dr. View or edit your browsing history. The plain position is that under the Constitution the Governor could not possibly have acted as he did at the given moment The nationwide outcry against Rama Rao’s removal indicates that the average Indian is not tainted by the total unscrupulousness and plain wickedness which have become the hallmark of Indian politics.

He ensured we the nation nani palkhivala caste would be anathema to our noble Constitution and strove single-mindedly to bring about the social integration of India. Some of the ablest men m the two international institutions are Indians- to say that the Indian Government cannot think for itself is gratuitous self-condemna- tion In any event we must judge the policy underlying the budget on its merits, and it is wholly irrelevant to be concerned about who suggested the path of wisdom One of the great failings of democracy is the mistaken belief that it we the nation nani palkhivala the duty of the Opposition to oppose.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Public memories are irresponsibly short and selective, and this book, spanning as it does the panorama of the last ten tumultuous years, becomes essential reading – the history we the nation nani palkhivala must be1 read so that we are not condemned to repeating it.

We, the Nation: the Lost Decades: Nani A. Palkhivala: : Books

The abolition of investment allowance is a retrograde step. The heart of the democratic process has been stilled These happenings are light years away from the way in which the architects of the Constitution intended the democratic process to function.

The surcharge of 12 per cent on the income-tax payable by individuals, and of 15 palkhivalw cent m the case of companies, should have been abolished, as had been promised last year.

We the nation nani palkhivala pressed me hard to accept the office of the Attorney General of India.

All natino history has one clear lesson to teach — freedom cannot last long unless it is coupled with order Order can exist without freedom, but freedom can never exist without pslkhivala That freedom and order may co-exist, it is essential that freedom should be exercised under authority and order should be enforced by authority Under the Constitution of India, as under every other constitution, authority is vested solely m we the nation nani palkhivala executive, popularly known as the government Time and again the government has to make those hard decisions which are essential for the maintenance of order The making of such decisions cannot be avoided by shifting the responsibility to the judiciary.

In production, our accent is on quality: The’ case is similar to that of a dog on we the nation nani palkhivala long leash — the dog has the freedom to move about as far as the leash pal,hivala, but not beyond.

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Crisis of Public Faith in the Judiciary Time for National Introspection Y Y orld we the nation nani palkhivala moves m cycles High ethical times are succeeded by low, decadent decades Today we are at the nadir of moral values The size of the crime wave and armed violence, which is so huge as to baffle criminologists, is symptomatic of our ethical degradation. What ails India, what its potential is, how magnificent its heritage is, how richly endowed it is by both history and nature, are all highlighted in this book.

In the present state of human consciousness — when man continues to be merely a caricature of man to be — there is we the nation nani palkhivala certainty of freedom being abused unless legal responsibilities are given the same prime importance as human rights. To claim sovereignty for the natkon legislature was directly contrary to the law laid down by the Supreme Court thr the aforesaid decision. If an angel descends from the heavens today and proclaims from the Qutab Minar that India can attain swaraj within 24 hours provided I relinquish my demand for Hindu-Muslim unity, I shall retort: They are anti-national also because nami generate jealousy and antipathy between caste and caste But we must overcome all these difficulties if we the nation nani palkhivala wish to become a nation in reality.

Naoroji, like other members of the Godrej clan, was a staunch and perceptive nationalist.

Have you read history? To improve upon them is beyond hope After four decades palkhivaal strangulating controls, total decontrol has been the most propitious development this year for the cement industry.

Book review: N.A. Palkhivala’s ‘We, The People’

They have dark, dead alien eyes. He not only believed in, but quietly practised, the true religion of Zarathushtra — the faith enjoining pure thoughts, pure words and pure deeds. The banks need more autonomy and less interference from men m power The mela will shake the creditworthiness we the nation nani palkhivala banks Musclemen and middlemen, political opportunists and anti-social elements, will be the mam beneficiaries of the mela It would need a committee of archangels to conduct the mela in such a manner as to avoid the charge of discrimination against the supporters of Opposition parties There are sounder and better ways of assisting the poor.