+ Visual Basics Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do you Option Base is to set the Index of the Array to start from 0 or 1. Intrinsic controls – Default controls of VB6, These control are always available in VB6 Toolbox. How do you register a component? Compiling the component, running REGSVR32 Name and explain the different compatibility types when creating. Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Visual Basic ( VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated.

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Project 7 – C. Image Control – Use this to display a picture. There are two differences between a function and a subroutine: Private Dim x as integer. Libraries of procedure external to the application but can be called from the application.

DBgrid is A spreadsheet-like bound control that displays a series of rows and columns representing records and fields from a ADO Recordset object. What is Zorder Method of controls? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. ADO can access data from both flat files vb6.0 interview questions and answers.

A disconnected Recordset, as its name implies, is a Recordset that lacks a connection. Connection Connects to a data source; contains the Errors collectionCommand Executes commands to the data source. Std Global with in the project. Cls Global through out the vb6.0 interview questions and answers project only thing is we want to set the type lib.

To create a remote instance of a script component, call the CreateObject method, passing it the name of the remote computer as a parameter.

Diff type of Datatypes? Global Multiuse Have variable not Required to Declare.

(Paper) Visual Basic Interview Questions – Answers Set – 1

Interview Question, Answer 1. What are the type of validation available in VB? What is Mixed Cursors?

Start method to start the thread. Default for a new component Binary Compatibility? Out of Process It will run out of the memory Normally in the server side.

VB6 Interview Questions

On Error GoTo 0 disables any error trapping currently present in the procedure. There are five types of Recordset objects:.

An in-process component is implemented as a DLL, and runs in the same process space as its client app, enabling the most efficient communication between client and component. No need to write functions. Generally used for Read only purpose. VB Script Interview Questions. What are its objects? Declare function “” lib “”. Changes are detectable, records that are deleted by other users are unavailable, and records created by other users are not detected Dynamic: Returns number of open forms.

It’s more than this solution. Making a great Resume: List out controls which does not have events. What is Parser Bug? Alignment vb6.0 interview questions and answers, Tab Index etc. What are different types of vb6.0 interview questions and answers available in ADO?

VB6 Interview Questions

With a recordset, you can navigate returned records. Class Modules can be Instantiated. You can make changes atdesign time using theProperties window or atrun time in code. Messaging Application programming Interface. Where will we give the option explicit keyword and for what?