Emergency procedures for the Piper Twin Comanche Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Piper Aircraft ceased production of the Comanche and Twin Comanche in , specifications for the contemporary Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH). PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK. AND FAA APPROVED. AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. PIPER PA COMANCHE. POUNDS GROSS WEIGHT.

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Pilot Operating Handbook

It was very comfortable and capable but burned a lot of fuel, especially since I almost always flew by myself. It burns around 16 gallons an po 8 a side at around kts.

I had studied Mooney, Beech and Cessna options but the airplanes that fit my needs were either quirky in some way or beyond my means. It twin comanche poh featured in the advertising of the day and was used in figuring out the performance data for the “B” model.

At that time Twin comanche poh Aircraft twin comanche poh only a little over twenty years old and it was obvious that the Comanche was by far the best-looking airplane that Pi-per had ever built. While buyers had welcomed the low-cost tube and fabric designs in the immediate postwar twim when not much else was available, they began moving toward more sophisticated equipment as new and faster all-metal models were introduced comanchhe Beech, Cessna, Navion and a host of other manufacturers.

WaterWings | Piper Twin Comanche

She has over 8, hours and owns and operates a C model Twinkie affectionately known as Maggie. Ok so here are airplanes like Comanchr don’t have so called “fully feathered” prop. Big changes were forthcoming in The Comanche would get out and boogy around mph, at which point it truly was a Bonanza killer.

Twin comanche poh you need to know about buying and owning a Piper Comanche. Assembling a team of Piper engineers, with Pug at the helm, Twin comanche poh began to sift through the twin comanche poh NASA reports on laminar flow, stabilators, drag reduction, and many of the other go-fast concepts which had their roots in the technological advances of Twin comanche poh War Two. We’re talking twin comanche poh the Twin Comanches. It is also the nicest handling and nicest landing of all of the Comanches.

Posted July 5, Strong airframe, good performance The Comanche is said to have about 50 percent more parts than does the Cherokee. The auxiliary fuel system consists of two 15 gallon cells installed in the wings just outboard of the main fuel cells. All values seem to be on spot, so I can’t figure whats blocking them from unfeathering This configuration was fairly common in early aircraft, pph was going out of fashion even in the s. For example, all the electrical switches were identical toggle switches, making them easy to misidentify, and circuit breakers were kept beneath a trap door below the power quadrant.

I haven’t done it in PA30 yet, but I wonder if it has something to do with it. The Comanche was the first all-sheet-metal, semi-monocoque aircraft that Piper designed and produced. I had the same experience. The B model was produced from through Keep in mind that twin comanche poh specifications are approximations based on my twin comanche poh.

The twin comanche poh would cruise at around ktas at 75 percent power and burn about 14 gph at optimal altitude. In short order it was also discovered that this light twin was delivering a few more things that it wasn’t supposed to, but we’ll get to those details later.

Talk to us I used starter’s values power and rpm from this page. The landing gear is the chief area where lax maintenance can cause a significant problem—and a significant expense—for a new owner.

Piper introduced the hp version of the Comanche, and by mid-year, started producing the model year—the first twin comanche poh the hp Comanches. By the end ofPiper quit producing the hp model twin comanche poh upon special order, and then stopped the altogether in Because mechanics often do not have a good feel for how much play in a landing gear system is too much, Piper came up with a detailed inspection with Service Letter No.

By now, many have been heavily modified and improved with the latest avionics, but an original-condition airplane will have a non-standard instrument configuration. I just assume it may have similar system to PA But it was Pug who decided it was time to build a Bonanza killer or, at the very least, an airplane that could run alongside it on a lot less horsepower.

But when I land out of this situation and try to restart the engine on ground, it works perfectly on ground. The Comanche was designed to withstand 7. I tried with higher speed, but no lock. I had been screening ads in Trade-A-Plane and twin comanche poh the Internet for another airplane.

While Cherokees were designed and built in Vero Beach, Fla. Up to that point Piper had never totally designed an all-metal airplane, the Tri-Pacer was still their standard bearer, and the sweet potato-like Apache had started twin comanche poh as a Stinson.

Incorporated in the system are a 12 volt 50 ampere generator and a 35 ampere-hour battery.

That aside, the Twin Comanche will serve you well, and its bang for the buck is exceeded only by its classy looks. The next logical step would have been alike twin comanche poh Comache were using, but Piper has always been Lycoming oriented so that change would have meant switching brands. Fuel Capacity 90 gallons Long Range Tanks: Expect a continuation of the Twin Comanche’s airframe problems and go into ownership with the understanding that considerable investments in airframe fixes and additional inspections may be necessary down twin comanche poh road.