The Entity is a American horror film directed by Sidney J. Furie and written by Frank De Felitta, who adapted his novel of the same name. It stars. Frank Paul De Felitta (August 3, – March 29, ) was an author, producer , pilot and film director. He was most well known for his novels Audrey Rose and The Entity. Frank De Felitta, Writer: The DuPont Show of the Week. Frank De The Entity (novel – as Frank DeFelitta) / (screenplay – as Frank DeFelitta). The.

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Sneidermann, who believes Carlotta is psychotic, a danger to herself and her children who should be committed. He begins pushing the boundary between doctor-patient by developing feelings for Carlotta.

Frank’s the entity frank de felitta book, “L’Opera Italiano,” is now available as an ebook on Amazon. Over the next several weeks, whether in her car during daylight or at the home of her best friend Cindy, the attacks against Carlotta escalate.

They the entity frank de felitta did a rape examination on her, or once went to her entjty to at least observe her and witness what her illness actually looked like. Yes it has sexual scenes which everyone talks about but the story within ebtity great! It probes beyond fiction into the nightmare realm of truth. I can see how it would be too much for some readers to handle. Sneidermann maintains that the children are simply feeding off their mother’s hysteria, validating her hallucinations.

So I just won’t spoil it.

Frank De Felitta

Is this all in her mind? Ratings and Reviews 0 8 star ratings 0 reviews. The style of writing took me a while to get used to. Night Stalks the Mansion. Odd True Tales, Volume 1.

The Entity

Nov 12, Jorge Soto rated it it was amazing. I placed the I picked this book up at a used bookstore, next to a bus station, somewhere near Antioch, CA. I may have to reread this and the entity frank de felitta if has the same effect on me as it did then. This book has been on my partner’s shelf for as long as I’ve known her, and I always imagined it to be a poor, cheap horror story, especially as she asked me to the entity frank de felitta it on bookmooch.

De Felitta’s first novel, Oktoberfesta thriller, though not a bestseller nonetheless earned him enough to finance the year and a half he devoted to his next novel, Audrey Rose A Haunting on Main Street: The entity frank de felitta this book Grabbed me its about an ordinary woman and her felitra pulled in the massive grips of a paranormal activity. For Love of Audrey Rose.

In the end Carlotta has been hospitalized for a major schizophrenic break and the Dr. Sneiderman realizes that Carla was telling the truth the whole time. Best known for Audrey Rose and The Entity, De Felitta has also hte a name for himself in the theatrical world as a producer, writer, and director.

This article is about the film. Oct 19, Valora rated it it was amazing Shelves: I blew her off. It was clever how the entity frank de felitta story unfolded and the revelations that came near the end made you realize which viewpoint to take on her “episodes”.

After Cindy the entity frank de felitta an attack, the two discuss possible supernatural causes. Part three propels the novel into a whole other level of insidiousness. Ultimately, both Billy and the girls sense him in the house, with Billy suffering a slight injury during one attack on his mother.

Part two introduces a young staff psychiatrist named Gary Sneidermann at West Coast College, frajk as a welfare recipient, Carlotta is able to receive mental evaluations and treatment for free. Dec 14, Mary rated it it was the entity frank de felitta. True Ghost Stories Part I.

While I greatly enjoyed Audrey Rose, this one fell a bit flat for me.

He tried to intervene, but was also thrown, breaking his arm. The whole book can be summed up by 2 quote exchanged by scientists felitga the book: I’m not finding this book as terrifying as I had expected. I can vividly remember some parts of this book even though I the entity frank de felitta it a very long time ago. The Worm in Every Heart. Among the skeptics is psychiatrist Dr.

A closing disclaimer verifies that Carla and her family have moved to Texas. A Rope of Thorns. Sneiderman and tentatively agrees to undergo therapy. If you are into the paranormal this is a great book to read. For other uses, see The Entity disambiguation.

The Entity by Frank De Felitta

Perhaps the author read Goffman. His novel The Entitybased on the real-life case of the entity frank de felitta woman named Doris Bither who claimed to have been haunted by a spectral rapist, was also a bestseller and was adapted by De Felitta for a film starring Barbara Hershey.

Jan 08, Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: What the Drs put her though is terrible and I found an immediate dislike to the main young Dr.

Daughters Julie and Kim, who share a different father than Billy, are two years apart. In addition, I was shocked to find out that it was based on the entity frank de felitta true story!

My sister called for something important.