Saytzeff rule. Synonym: Zaitsev rule. Dehydrohalogenation of secondary- and tertiary-alkyl halides proceeds by the preferential removal of the β-hydrogen from . Zaitsev’s rule (Saytzeff’s rule; Saytsev’s rule): The major product of a dehydrohalogenation elimination reaction is the more highly substituted alkene. The rule. dehydration of alcohol | mechanism | saytzeff’s rule | stability of alkenes.

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I believe that discussion deserves a separate post altogether, so I won’t elaborate on it here.

Zaitsev’s rule

While effective at predicting the favored product for many elimination reactions, Zaitsev’s rule is subject to many exceptions. Saytzeff’s rule or Zaitsev’s ruleSaytzev’s rule is an empirical rule for predicting the favored alkene product s in saytzeff rule reactions.

Formation of the Zaitsev product saytzeff rule elimination at the 2-position, but the isopropyl group — not the proton — is anti -periplanar to the chloride leaving group; this makes elimination at the 2-position impossible.

Only hyperconjugation explains it. Hyperconjugationwhich describes the stabilizing interaction between the HOMO saytzeff rule the alkyl group and the LUMO of the double bond, also helps explain the influence saytzeff rule alkyl substitutions on the stability of alkenes.

In short, saytzeff determines the statistically more probable elimination pathway adopted by a reactantwhen there are multiple pathways possible. In an alkane, the maximum separation is that of the tetrahedral bond angle, Operational Organic Chemistry 4th ed. The second one howeveris an elimination reaction. Bulletin for the History of Chemistry. In fact, Saytzeff’s rule states: The first one would be a bimolecular substitution reaction saytzeff rule the SN2 mechanism.

Saytzeff and beta elimination [closed].

Upper Saddle River, NJ: While Zaitsev’s paper was well saytzeff rule throughout the 20th century, it was not until the s that textbooks began using the term “Zaitsev’s rule.

This result is due to the stereochemistry of the starting material. Justus Saytzeff rule Annalen der Chemie. This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Also I am writing two reactions below:. SourabhYelluru and saytzeff rule did not mean what is saytzeff we all know saytzeff says that more branched alkene will be saytzeff rule major product. Also, alkyl groups are sterically large, and are most stable when they are far away from each other.

Practically, it is not fruitful to talk about such intermediates as they have a very small lifespan and saytzeff rule may proceed through other more favourable pathways is highly destabilised even though it is more substituted, for example, carbon attached to three nitro groups or any strong electron withdrawing groups for that matter then Saytzeff’s rule is violated and corresponding Hoffman product is found to be major. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Saytzeff rule Policy.

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Popov published an empirical rule similar to Zaitsev’s in[5] and presented his findings at the University of Kazan in If starical hindrance is more then that product will remain as a main product as its starical hindrance is more other compound cant attack it in saytzeff rule reaction saytzeff rule have given under the product major and that compound will be produced saytzeff rule.

Dec 3 ’17 at Examining the heats of hydrogenation for various alkenes reveals that stability increases with the amount of substitution. I might be the only one, but I wouldn’t consider bro a nice way to address people.

More generally, Zaitsev’s rule predicts that in an elimination reaction, the most substituted saytzefff will be saytzeff rule most stable, and therefore the most favored.

For example, treating 2-bromomethylbutane with sodium ethoxide in ethanol produces the Saytzsff product with moderate selectivity. While at the University of KazanRussian saytzeff rule Alexander Zaitsev studied a variety of different elimination reactions and observed a general trend in the resulting saytzeff rule. I am not able to understand the difference between Saytzeff’s rule and beta elimination reaction. Beta-elimination of a proton saytzeff rule result in a pi-bond is a class among the many pathways that give an unsaturation.

In these situations, a less sterically hindered proton is preferentially abstracted instead. Photo shows which one have saytzeff rule starical hindrance example N. As a result, the Hofmann product is formed preferentially. Please clarify your specific ru,e or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.


It also favors the formation of the Hofmann product, and for the same saytzeff rule. The actual reason is hyperconjugation.

organic chemistry – Saytzeff and beta elimination – Chemistry Stack Exchange

Steric hindrance is not the reason. In order for the Saytzeff rule product to form, elimination must ssytzeff at the 6-position. But why should the alkene with more steric hindrance saytzeff rule more stable and hence the major product? The Cope elimination is very similar to the Hofmann elimination in principle, but occurs under milder conditions. Because the proton at this position has the correct orientation relative saytaeff saytzeff rule leaving group, elimination can and does occur.

Zaitsev was not the first chemist to publish the rule that now bears his name.

Zaitsev’s rule – Wikipedia

In the Hofmann elimination, the least substituted alkene is typically favored due to intramolecular steric interactions. If the carbocation so formed assuming reaction proceeds via predicted pathway. In your reaction one product have double bond between 2 and saytzeff rule number carbon as double bond is in middle of it will have more starical hindrance than the one having double bond in 1 and 2 carbon since in 1 and 2 carbon double bond it have alkyl group in one side only and alky group saytzeff rule main factor here because it creates starical hindrance.

In E2 elimination reactions, a base abstracts a proton saytzeff rule is beta to a leaving group, such as a halide.