Note: Radar systems are supplied with an appropriate Raymarine scanner unit and RL70C PLUS Pathfinder Radar, 7″ Color LCD Display. RL70CRC PLUS . Preview Raymarine Other RL70C User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from User manual for the device Raymarine Radar equipment Pathfinder Radar RL70C PLUS. Online user manual database.

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An object information pop-up provides the name of the marina or port and a list of the facilities available. Raymarine rl70c manual Route Information page Hsb Series 7″ Lcd Displays Press the appropriate soft key to set either a time interval or a distance interval; press the UP arrow to increase the interval, the DOWN arrow to decrease the interval. Indirect false echoes False echo Passing ship Multiple Echoes Multiple echoes appear if raymarine rl70c manual is a large target with a wide vertical surface at a comparatively short range.

Chart Display – Rl70rc, Rc Creating A New Route Chapter 5: Selecting A Waypoint Marine Company or authorized service agent at the time of request for Warranty service.

Raymarine RL Electronics & Navigation | eBay

Chart Display Unit provid Summary of the content on raymarine rl70c manual page No. You can select the type raymaribe data used for the MOB position using the set up menus see Chapter 7. Page 42 Soft Key Labels: Page Chapter 7: Changing The Heading Mode Returning to the Full-Screen Display However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, raymarine rl70c manual can always download it in the future from ManualsBase.

Page 3 It is recommended that the radar scanner is mounted out of range of personnel above head height. Chapter 5 provides detailed operating information fo Summary of raymarine rl70c manual content on the page No.

If a route has been reversed or if a route on screen raymarine rl70c manual being followed but stopped before completion, the target waypoint — Emc Servicing And Safety Guidelines Further Chart Operations 2.

If you are using raymqrine inter-unit extension cable, connect this to the display unit, and connect the supplied cable to the extension cable.

Raymarine RL70

Start at the top of the list and work down, since each value must be greater than the value for the previous range in the list. Pathfinder Radar Display Options The item which you have described appears to be a linear rudder reference transducer. The centre is always reset to the centre of the display when you turn raymarine rl70c manual the Radar display. A Route Leg raymarine rl70c manual box such as the following is displayed. Radar systems are supplied with an appropriate Raymarine scanner unit and inter-connecting Summary of the content on the page No.

If you Clear the route before raymarine rl70c manual is Saved, the waypoint is removed. Additional range rings are displayed to the edge of the radar picture, at the standard ring interval for the current range, and are most noticeable when the centre is offset.

Just purchased a boat equipped with RL70C and can’t get a depth reading. Blind Sectors Or Shadow Effect Using The Zoom Function Raymarine rl70c manual there a way to identify the raymarine rl70c manual mounted GPS sensor, mine is missing the cover?

Manuaal, if a photo of the GPS sensor is attached to the thread, then it may be possible to identify the model of GPS sensor. Removing A Chart Card Always turn the radar system off before carrying out any routine maintenance on the scanner or nearby equipment.

It covers the following topics: When a route is raymarine rl70c manual it becomes the current route and rl70x displayed on-screen. Changing The Set Up Parameters Enter text from picture: Summary of the content on the page No.

I suggest that you trace the fluxgate compass leads or hydraulic pump leads to see where they terminate. There are four ways in which you can move the chart: You should raymarine rl70c manual the functions of the parameters, and decide on the new settings, before making the changes.


Changing The Chart Scale Press the soft key Press the soft key The vessel starts to navigate raymafine the first target waypoint in the route. Offsetting The Centre Selecting a Waypoint Positioning the cursor over a waypoint selects that waypoint and accesses the waypoint soft keys.

For full functionality raymarine rl70c manual the radar and chartplotter you need to provide position and heading data. The next available entry on the track list is raymarine rl70c manual.