26 Nov QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual. Identifier QuadraVerb_V1_owners_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t3pv8w75s. Ocr ABBYY FineReader 22 Nov Alesis Quadraverb owners reference manual. Identifier quadraverb_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t15nf. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Full text of “QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual” DIGITAL EFFECTS PROCESSOR Reference Manual INSTRUCTIONS TO THE USER This equipment has been.

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If the range goes downward i.

The Quadraverb manual Waveshape witl sound smoother and less imposing while the Square Waveshape will be more manua. Also, because QuadraVerb has program locations, but there are MIDI program change numbers, the Program Table makes it possible quadraverb manual make use of all program change numbers. It is not available when the Detune quadraverb manual Is selected. This will cause the sound to “thicken” somewhat if used judiciously.

Pressing the PAGE button will nanual the display to read either of the following: The effect of Flanging, either electronically or mechanically done, is achieved by splitting and slightly delaying one part of the signal, then varying the time delay, again with an LFO.

Alesis Quadraverb Reference Manual

This equipment has been verified to comply with the limits for a class B computing device, pursuant to FCC Rules. When the left channel quadraverb manual detuned sharp, the right is detuned flat, and vice versa. For mono operation of the QuadraVarb, use only the Right Input. This is a quadraverb manual subtle addition to the reverb, causing H to “swim” or be smoother a bit more. In this case they will read: Slower speeds are usually desired, but higher speeds quadraverb manual be used for great qquadraverb.

Full text of “QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual”

The Reverse program is extremely programmable and can be used for some great special effects. The user is cautioned that changes and modifications made to the equipment without the approval quadraverb manual manufacturer could void the user’s authority to operate this quadraverb manual.

These buttons, as well as the PAGE buttons, are touch sensitive, so that the amount of pressure used will affect the speed at which the values will change. You must quadraverb manual the value button twice to have the flashing line move 1 step. This display will quadraevrb as follows: It is also quadraverb manual to select a memory location in the external unit that is different from the QuadraVarb number.

Programs may also be accessed by holding down quadraverb manual PROGRAM button and entering the desired program number with the mode buttons Note the numbers beside the button designations. Sometimes it is desirable to have the High treble Rotor louder or softer in quadraverb manual. If the signal is taken from the Delay Output, the Reverb will be delayed mnaual the amount of delay time set for quadraverb manual Delay plus any Reverb Pre-Delay.

The reverb button allows access to the various Reverb types and manua, for editing.


Many variables are available in this scheme. Perhaps the best way of quadraverb manual about Diffusion is in the traditional acoustic sense.

In the early days of recording, Plates quadraverb manual extremely popular because they were almost the only way to 15 SECTION 4 provide any sort of quadraverb manual ambience to a recording.

This warranty does not cover claims for domage due to abuse, neglect, alteration or quadraverb manual repair by unauthorized personnel, and is limited to failures arising during normal use that are due to defects in material or workmanship in the product. Factory Program 89 is a demo program that can be used to listen to the differences between the five effects configurations, which are variations of the signal quadraverb manual path through the QuadraVerb see Configurations – Section 4 and Section 5 for a more complete explana- tion.

Alesis QUADRAVERB Manuals

Although similar in sound to Flanging, this effect is produced differently. Qyadraverb with the 3 Quadraverb manual EQ, quadraverb manual setup provides the best of both worlds of a shelving and parametric EQ in terms of sound and ease of use.

Press either value button to scroll to the desired character. This warranty only applies to products sold and used in the United States of America. After quadraverb manual the delay button, pressing the PAGE buttons quaddaverb select the parameters while the value buttons will select any choices or levels available. The Pitch Modes available are: Press the “up” page button again to move the quadraverb manual, 5.

After pressing the EQ button, pressing the PAGE buttons will select the parameters while quadraverb manual value buttons will select any choices or levels available.