Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, & Aldous Huxley is a novel by Peter Kreeft about U.S. 10 Jan [Dr. Peter Kreeft submitted this excerpt from select portions of his book Between Heaven & Hell, which depicts a hypothetical postmortum dialog. Among the more than 35 books written by Peter J. Kreeft (pro- nounced “Krayft”) are some of the most insightful Christian writ- ings today about heaven and hell.

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Between Heaven & Hell by Peter Kreeft

This article about a philosophical novel of the s is a stub. How might the conversation go?

Lewis emerges as the far superior intellect, which I think is quite accurate but which I think would have come across not quite as blatantly with two men he didn’t know personally. It took me a long time to finally bstween to Peter Kreeft’s works.

Between Heaven & Hell (excerpt) by Dr. Peter Kreeft – Christian Theology

Neither Lewis nor Huxley have many quotable lines in this conversation, which was not the case for these two accomplished wordsmiths in real life and which makes this not feel like its really them speaking.

This novel is inspired by this fact and we are “privy” in the heavven to the conversation the three have as they wait to face God and discover the truth of their “disagreements” and their lives. It is hard to imagine Lewis quoting his own books in a debate much less quoting himself multiple times. Read more by this author.

One suspects that the real conversation would have been so much livelier and better than anyone could imagine it. And it continues like that until Kreeft brings is new theological or cosmological?

The author gets to decide how the kkreeft goes.

Aug 04, David Johnston rated it it was amazing. Some consider him the best Catholic philosopher ehll residing in the United States. Add attachment 2MB filesize limit.

Lewis, each of whom died on Beteeen. Kreeft uses Lewis’ position in life as a mainstream apologist who wasn’t afraid to use literary devices to educate the masses, such as the Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters, as the foundation for the book. And Huxley represents Eastern pantheism. Huxley is definitely the third member of the trio, Kennedy peer Lewis being the center. I haven’t read this in many many years, but coming across it now I am reminded of how much I liked it, and I want to point it out to you.

The characters were written well especially Lewis and he was clearly to make them more than just placeholder names for their argu A Socratic dialogue using CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley, and John F Kennedy to represent Christian theism, Christian humanism, and Christian pantheism in that order.

Kreeft makes no bones about who his winner wil On November 22, three great men died within hours of each other. Because supporting creators matters. He employ’s Lewis’ method of debate, which is highly Socratic in nature, and quickly dispels of the modern humanist – specifically Christian humanist – position, pointing out the problems of their arguments against Christian theism and, specifically, the divine nature of Christ.

Helll, the debate has become less grand and all encompassing, in favor of questions concerning a number of particulars, and the battlefield language tends to be scientific or ethical rather than focused on metaphysics. Our experienced journalists provided balanced in-depth coverage of news stories that affect Oklahomans.

I had to read some parts more than once, because I didn’t know anything about Budhism and Eastern religions.

Between Heaven & Hell

I agree to all of the above. Digital Download of Movie! Dec 17, Joshua D. This film is a wonderful mixture between real events and what if events. I can only imagine my non-believer brother seething by how graciously Huxley and Kennedy say betwern let that point stand for now so we can move on.

They meet in the antechamber to. Lewis and Aldous Huxley. Try our streaming subscription! Helo like the concept, but I believe Kennedy would have had more to say. Oct 09, Mike the Paladin rated it really liked it. Overall this book is definitely worth the read and it will make you think about your own beliefs. I read this in seminary back in the late 80s.

Combining logical argument and literary imagination, Kreeft portrays Lewis as a Christian theist, Kennedy as a modern humanist and Huxley as an Eastern pantheist. His ideas draw heavily from religious and philosophical tradition, Peter Kreeft is a Catholic apologist, professor of philosophy at Boston College and The King’s College, and author of over 45 books including Fundamentals of the FaithEverything you Ever Wanted to Know about Heavenand Back to Virtue.

The conversation quickly turns from where are they and why are they there to which theory as to why they are there correct. Pay what you can.