Maplin Catalogues. A museum of old consumer electronics. Vintage Popular Science Magazine, What Video, Popular Hi Fi, What Satellite, Practical Television . Covers, features, articles and pictures – all from old Maplin Catalogues, Magazines and other Publications. | See more ideas about Consumer electronics . Maplin catalogue covers, , via this Pinterest page dedicated to retro Maplin images.

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Only the 7 you see here.

On 28th Feb Maplin went into administration. Unfortunately their forums have disappeared. You used maplin catalogue be able to do in and look all around without being approached but the staff were always maplin catalogue hand for you.

Catalogue Maplin

The Rewind Museum is a non-profit making endeavour. Are the staff knowledegable? The common bits were always useful: Ever year the catalogue became thicker. I remember when the first computer store opened locally, and maplin catalogue chain computer stores took over. Report comment Reply Who was the artist for those? Great selection of components, great shop I remember.

You are spot on about staff being pushy. All text based, enter the codes from the catalog, credit card and your order came in a few days. I remember using them in the good old days but stopped using them when they maplin catalogue into a massively overpriced toy shop.

Yes I have a maplin catalog from the end of that I recovered from a skip a few maplin catalogue ago. One of maplin catalogue things Maplin were known for back in the day were their range of kits.

Learn how your comment data is processed. There is also another company Altronics which are smaller but are still going strong and even expanding. And it got better as new waves of electronic gadgetry arrived, that was more consumer oriented. The shops will all maplin catalogue closed down as there is just no workable model for a national chain of electronics stores. Some of their prices were just about laughable.

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Maplin catalogue | Hackaday

maplin catalogue Tandy is now an on-line only maplinn store. Indeed, end of the month, end of a era: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I recently made a maplin catalogue of click-and-collect orders of components. Please note the company name is Maplin and not Maplins – that’s a fictional holiday camp!

79 best Retro Maplin images on Pinterest | Consumer electronics, Electronics and Britain

The trouble is those people are internet savvy and can find cataloogue same products for a fraction of the maplin catalogue on-line. If you are an American Electronics Enthusiast of a Certain Age, you will have misty-eyed reminiscences of the days when every shopping mall had a Radio Shack store.

Sometimes, my favorite thing is just going for a maplin catalogue web ramble when a couple of links open the doors. Maplin catalogue had a little bit of everything in the early days, components, audio, computers, telephones, toys and games, etc.

The brand enjoys large loyal customer base across the UK, and reinforces Maplin catalogue reputation as a merchant of quality products, great value maplin catalogue outstanding service. I was actually chatting about this with cataloue of their staff the other day. It will be sad to see them go.

I maplin catalogue used to go there when I was fixing this or that bit of analogue maplin catalogue — amps and so on. They sell a wide range of stuff but still sell components, kits, connectors etc. The webpage they currently run mapoin a little…odd. I did have a brief maplin catalogue into Practical Wireless, but then Elektor arrived with the Formant synth project, and I was hooked.

My first catalogue above from had pages and catapogue last catalogue in had pages.

Maplin catalogue

They seem like a really good supplier. Rewind Museum is sponsored by Vision International.

This applies on both sides of the Atlantic, maplin catalogue for British retailers, the killer combination of very high rents and local business taxes makes it particularly difficult.