Full text of “Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press”. See other formats. CIA Book of Dirty Tricks Recoil / Eutronix PDF conversion by Grog Index Additives. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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Because the landlord refused to make needed roof repairs, several rainstorms flooded Konely’s apartment, damaging personal property.

George Hayduke (author)

Or toss a condom preferably used egorge the front seat. Small-town media usually won’t allow reporters to come — car dealers buy lots of ads, and you don’t. A homy old pharmacist, Doctor Frank Pittlover, claims there really is a working aphrodisiac.

After hayduoe few necessary seconds of attack, he calmly replaced himself, zipped up, and walked away. I bet your mark sleeps on his or her back for a long time after the stunt We were all fairly drunk down in Cabo San Lucas when the idea came up.

We were about hayduk hundred feet down the hall when the damn thing went off. Nothing fancy, I just put the lid on, drove it over to the mark’s place about 3 a. Happily, a veterinarian was able to save the dogs from their own stupidity. Every real kid knows what sulfur smells like when burned – horribly rotten eggs.

Books by George Hayduke (Author of Get Even)

If not, you’ll have to chase him to his next job site. Do your duty as a good citizen, too, and report to the proper officials that there are no stickers on Mr. As usual, make the contact hour gekrge very early in the morning “because of shift-work schedule. This will work well for the mark who has shelves of unread books just for the ego-image they afford him. Tell people in bars and grocery stores.

Hopefully, all will sort of show up at the same time. I still have them somewhere in a box – and hope to review my notes someday.

You can get bogus ones printed in the same manner as billboards and posters. This will geogre some fun, and some confusion. That will bring in the phone calls. He noted that with a piece of telescoping antenna and some putty he could adjust the sound volume control on the movie without the operator seeing him as that employee was also the ticket taker who had other duties after he set the film to running. He says that hydrogen sulfide H2S is the gas that gives rotten eggs their wonderful odor.

What’s also astounding is that so few people rise above simple vandalism as a response. You really ought to study the target publication before you word the ad. Now, Bothersome Burt refines this trend. Select gsorge absolute worst song, the really aural dog on the list, and pump it all your change.

She has a great idea for people – short of just killing them – who like to harm animals.

They wanted to discuss his gun waving car ride that afternoon. Hombre likes to use bumper stickers and gets his printed salvation from the various companies see “sources that sell custom stickers.

When he opened the closet door they woke hajduke and became badly aggressive really fast. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Yet one clerk told me, “Most [buyers] are young kids.

Books by George Hayduke

Another Cutcheon stunt is to leave accurate-looking but totally bogus hijack scenario plans, bomb diagrams, or orders for terrorists attacks in airport bars and restrooms. Suppose you are the victim of a nasty landlord who evicts you for no good reason. Extremely versatile devices, M80s are excellent propellants for other substances.

Some of their tactics are highly adaptable to today’s dirty trickster. The statue of limitations of the state involved make it impossible for me to relate precisely what was done to 1 picketing group’s leaders, 2 that local Catholic Church, 3 its priest, and, 4 the local police chief.

The caller suggested that other, nastier accidents might happen if the mark did anything un-cool like calling the authorities. Be factual, be cool, and act as if you’re an honest citizen trying to save another honest citizen some money and heartache — as you wish someone had done for you. After you start it, drive to some very nice homes with pretty lawns.

The original wartime models were three inches in diameter and had four points at forty-five- degree angles. You might try to slip a couple rounds of pistol ammunition or a switchblade in to your mark’s pocket just before he goes through the metal detector at the airport terminal.

You might beat the line next time you’re aloft and put a generous coating of Elmer’s glue on both the top and bottom of the toilet seat while the meal is being served. Some tossed their lemons at the salesmen standing outside the dealership trying to wish away Skull’s legal form of Haydukery.