Normativa y Basamento Legal Normativas Leyes 1- Constitución de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela. 2-Decreto Normas para el. Decreto N. (). Decreto N. (). Decreto N. (). Decreto N. (). Decreto N. (). Decreto N. Venezuela es un país eminentemente urbano, con un porcentaje mayor al 87% .. materiales peligrosos recuperables, de acuerdo con el Decreto sobre.

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Clay Peek 864-228-2635 office.

I understand there are a few Moving Parts to deal with! They also provide you with cash flow!

Do the Training Slide 4 Do you know which products you need to sell? Youll learn how to enroll on the healthcare. These courses will help: Watch the Ancillary plan specific webinars These plans provide great value for your clients!

Youll be a Health Reform Pro! Maps, brochures, rates, certification info, home office access info, etc. Slide 6 Go to the contracting link on the home page, and see 5 Sign and return the Vendzuela Tech Agreement Click on the link to Request Technology Tool It will take a few days then you venezuelz access the quoting and combo selling tools Slide 7 CMS cert is required and we require a copy of the completed cert.

Theyll start coming to you! Slide 14 Once you have your licensing, cert, training and tools complete start selling! Go to the 25 people youve set up for your initial appointments Start the process of enrollment with them Theyll be patient with you as you crawl through the initial stages venezudla the learning curve. Your 2 nd and 3 rd layer of referrals will come to you quickly Your phone will start to ring!

Post on Dec views.

Build a big block of people to see, once youre contracted, certified, and ready to sell Get 25 appointments pre set for your personal sales launch!

Slide 15 Get through the process! The first steps are: Slide 18 Next with additional training, youll feel confident to start the biggest opportunity of all marketing to groups. Do you realize the movie theater makes more on the Decrefo, Diet Coke and Candy sales than they do on movie tickets?

Vfnezuela Documents Clay Peek www.

Clay Peek office. – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Get lined up! Access the Tools D. Then youll feel very confident in walking and talking to those you dont know.

There are a lot of steps, tools and training to access, so Lets check off a few boxes Slide 3 Now that the dawn of opportunity has shined upon you youve awakened to the this new market! Do you want to Combo Sell? Have you completed the surancebay electronic links for contracting online?

Slide 16 Soon you will become very confident with the enrollment process and it will be easy for you! Terri Schlarb can help! Working is for Have you completed the paper contracts?

Slide 13 Once youre appointed, certified, trained GO!