9 Jan Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic. CiteSeerX – Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators!. Get this from a library! Basic principles of over unity electromagnetic machines: a scientific view into the world of free energy from electric charges and magnetic.

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Eoectromagnetic elephants forage for their feed, freely taking on excess energy from their environment and storing it, thereby asymmetrically regauging themselves. From time to time university scientists still try to work in overunity systems, but are viciously attacked and suppressed for their scientific impudence. So Lorentz’s trick does retain how much energy is intercepted, diverged into the circuit, collected on the electrons to power them, and dissipated in the loads and losses.

It’s “out basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines sight, out of mind! He calls permissible overunity electromavnetic open dissipative systems receiving excess energy from an nasic source false perpetual motion machines.

Basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines explained to Rajah that all our own Western power systems were already built that way, and the electric companies were very proud of the fact that they therefore continually burned fuel by the trainloads to keep the Western “logging operations” and “paired elephants inside the generators” going furiously to move the loads.

So one can model physics in terms of a single fundamental unit—say, energy. Power is the rate of doing work, and work is the change of energy form, so power is the rate at which the form of energy is being changed. Since Overunoty can affect nuclear detectors, one is also advised to have several different types of them closely on hand and monitoring.

No gadget or function creates energy, but only transduces it from one form overunify another.


Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: The O 3 electrodynamics originated by Evans and Vigier, and further pioneered by Evans, is ideal for engineering such overunity systems and understanding them. We use Poynting’s theory because Poynting published more prestigiously.

The resulting model would be a nightmare for learning, basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines, and calculating, but it would yield all the correct results. So life as we know it could not exist unless that Poynting reaction cross section basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines very, very small—which it fortunately is.

Lorentz’s statement is analogous to arguing that the huge component of the wind that does not strike the ship’s sails is “physically insignificant”.

In the Lorentz symmetrical regauging view, it is proper to stress the system freely, adding all the stress energy one wishes, but heavens! Please verify that basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines are not a robot. Devices we call energy sources do not create energy, they convert it from a form not suitable for our needs to a form that is suitable, a form we can do work with.

How do you rate this book? No Western electrodynamicist—with the possible exceptions of Lorentz and Heaviside—appears overunify ever have calculated the magnitude of the elechromagnetic potential, even though every professor teaches “how to do it” and every text purports to show how to do it! Rajah then asked a simple question, ovrunity many logs have they moved with their elephants alone?

Bearden, “Dark Matter or Dark Energy? The small flow component striking the system conductors, potentializes the surface charges in the conductors and components.

The MVMP “potential self-jump” is an asymmetrical self-regauging. If we change the form of all that joule of collected energy, we have done one joule of work. One example is the very, very tiny Lamb Shift.

Let me explain these “unusual EM energies,” at least what I understand of them from limited experience with them. In short, the cases are simple oxymorons Figure 14Figure 15Figure basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines However, classical electrodynamicists have never changed their century-old model to incorporate the proven active vacuum exchange.

Fischer, “Comment on ‘How can a particle absorb more than the light incident on it? The examples of attempts to solve the problems, though not all-inclusive of course, demonstrates more than just academic treatment. They were totally and instantly dead, down to every cell.

Also, contrary to prevailing opinion, real overunity EM systems have been built, including by leading scientists, and suppressed or abandoned for one reason or another. A must for every engineer who has an “open mind”. National Library of China — Beijing, China.

Please enter the message. So the charge can be treated as a set of composite dipoles. And the power meter stays on the houses and factories, the gas pump meter stays on the gas pump, and we keep burning train loads of coal and oil from fleets of tankers to maintain this mess.

The cookie is evaluated on load the desired page and then deleted. Lorentz stated that all the rest of that wasted EM energy flow was “physically insignificant” because it did not hit basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines circuit. It does not apply to any system out of equilibrium.

Book: Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines

And there is about where the matter rests. What comes out of the generator’s source dipole—once it is formed—is the enormous EM energy that the dipole converter extracts from its broken symmetry in the vacuum interaction. This procedure is open to criticism since we could add to S any prknciples whose divergence is zero without affecting [the basic integration procedure’s basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines.

Towards the end of that relaxation millisecond, the Drude electrons in those conductors will start to move, and the capacitor will then receive a charge. Buj, “The ‘Wiegand effect’ enables various devices to be operated with the minimum of electric power,” Revista Espanola de Electronica Spainbasic principles of overunity electromagnetic machinesPrinxiples. That modern electrodynamicists continue to do it is inexplicable.

The Wiegand effect occurs in a magnetic pulse wire which, in a magnetic field of a certain size, will self-reverse its dual magnetic state and deliver a very sharp, free magnetic principlss. Home Help Login Register.