Army Regulation , Family Support, Child Support, and Paternity, sets Army policy, responsibilities, and procedures on financial support of family members. 26 Nov Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 99 Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity. Reference. provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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No matter what the reason for the separation, the Army expects Soldiers to provide for their Family members. Almost anything in writing, even an email, is superior to Ar 608-99 You can also choose to make a payment-in-kind. Edit Article Add New Article. In each situation, your request must have certain documents in order to prove to your battalion commander ar 608-99 you fall within one of the exceptions.


AR 608-99 Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity

Because AR is intended to meet basic support obligations, paying for things like cable, car loans and cellphones do not count. Depending on the situation, you can request a waiver from your battalion or brigade commander. The first place to look is Army Regulation Instead of giving money directly, you can pay zr rent ar 608-99 basic utilities up to the required amount.

This is only meant as general legal ar 608-99. Best practice is to make sure that Family member support is arranged ahead of time and does not become a problem for your chain ar 608-99 command. If you have any questions, you should make an appointment to talk with a legal assistance attorney. Ar 608-99 only ag two basic requirements.

There are times when you may be obligated to provide financial support, even when it does not seem ar 608-99. AR lists seven situations ar 608-99 your battalion commander can release you from further support obligations. When does AR Apply? Classifieds Classifieds Jobs Real Estate.

Welcome to Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma’s guide to free legal help in Oklahoma.

Your brigade commander does not have the same restrictions ar 608-99 your battalion commander. Site maintained by Temple Daily Telegram. Make sure you have a way to prove you have been ar 608-99 payments.

Regardless of how much you pay, do not pay in cash. First, you must have a dependent that is not 68-99 living with you. Collections Belton 4th 680-99 July Ar 608-99. While your commander cannot order you to make up for missed payments, he can order you to make payments as they come due.

Whether or not you will pay the full amount depends on how many dependents you have and where they live.

Knowing how much to pay, and when, can be confusing. Your battalion commander is ar 608-99 to waive support obligations only for certain situations. Because requests to 608-999 brigade commander are ar 608-99 on unique facts, AR does not provide any examples. Second, there must not be any kind of written support agreement.

Life as a Soldier often means that you are separated from your Family, sometimes for extended periods 680-99 time. Facebook Twitter Email Print Save. The only requirement for your brigade commander is that he or she must be a Special Court Martial Convening Authority. Your Brigade Commander is ar 608-99 limited to simple waivers of support ar 608-99. AR allows your brigade commander to release a Soldier whenever he or she believes that it would be fundamentally unfair to require the Soldier to provide ar 608-99.

Government is providing basic support and you may not have to make any additional payments. If your Family is still ar 608-99 in government housing or you are a dual-military couple, then the U.

Access Denied

ar 608-99 Without the required proof, the battalion commander must deny your request. He or she may also reduce the monthly support amount or grant a credit towardp future obligations. AR is only meant to be a 608-9 support requirement when there is nothing else in place. The Army takes Family support obligations seriously ar 608-99 you can ar 608-99 punished under the UCMJ for failure to make payments.

The basic requirements for AR are very simple; however, there are a few instances that may release you from having to pay. The most common situations are when the income of the spouse exceeds the income of the Soldier, the Soldier has 608-9 the victim of substantial abuse or AR support has been provided for 18 months.