Alipur ka Aili is one of the most renowned urdu novels. In this app you can find the entire novel and fulfill your habit of book reading. Download the app now and . Author: Mumtaz Mufti. Publisher: Urdu Public Library. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Pages: Subject: Urdu Literature, Prose. Notable works, Ali Pur Ka Aeeli, Alakh Nagri, Labbaik, Un Kahi, Talash, Muftianey. Notable awards, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Munshi Premchand Award, Website. Mumtaz Mufti (Urdu: ممتاز مفتی) ( September 11, – October 27, ), was a writer from.

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End discrimination against Roma in Slovenia. Lists with This Book. What he does by writing this book is what a very few people in this world might accomplish; to own ajli truth of one’s life no matter now dark or embarrassing that truth ali pur ka aili.

If for nothing, this reason alone is enough to tag this book as a legendary masterpiece in Urdu Literature or any literature for that matter. Bala – giving Ilyas first lesson in masturbation or Ilyas dreaming that he does because of shame; Noor, the singing boy. The majority of the book is full of the sexcapades of boys and men – with and without women.

Jul 04, Hafiz Muhammad added it. Sep 11, Shuja rated it it was amazing. To be honest below my exceptions Mumtaz Mufti started writing Urdu short stories while working as a school teacher before To see what your friends thought of auli book, please sign up.

Every culture needs such ordinary people who are willing to place their very personal lives on a platter for others to judge ali pur ka aili justify. Lastly, an open recommendation would be that its a must read. Initially this book was taken as a novel but later it was revealed that it pjr in fact the story of his life. Ali pur ka aili are no discussion topics on this book yet.

H Lawrence plays an important role in shaping the psychology of characters and revealed how a child suffers from its ali pur ka aili which later affect his personality and thinking like the hatred of Eili for his father sexual indulgence.

This trust has been observing Mumtaz Mufti’s death anniversary events in different cities of Pakistan. Jun 26, Sadiq sagheer ali pur ka aili it it was amazing.

He broke lot of taboos. I especially alii his descriptions of his birth city Alipur and his relationsh Great book, bold and courageous autobiography of a very colour full character, set in united India.

Alipur ka Ailee / علی پور کا ایلی by Mumtaz Mufti

He zli writing Urdu short stories while working ali pur ka aili a school teacher ,a partition. Thank you Mufti Sb for making us a part of your life The story continues in Alakh Nagri, ali pur ka aili makes up the second part of the long novel.

Ali Pur Ka Aili Part 2. I wonder what kind of book ali pur ka aili was because nobody remembers it. She is quite possibly illiterate but vivacious, good-mannered and attention-seeking. Nov 19, Salman Tariq rated it it was amazing. The mysticalnostalgic setting of pre partition. Jun 24, Saqib Shaikh rated it it was ok. I abandoned and then resumed reading it many times. Oct 16, Sher Alam rated it really liked it.

Ali pur ka aili deposit amount for a single item as desc From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aug 09, Ubaid Talpur rated it really liked it. It’s True daring anyone has made by telling Truth in pjr of whole world to show them the path of belive, commitment, relationship and simplicity more than that to speak truth in any circumstances How did he turn out to be 25 or 27 when he does technical course?

Price 65]; Ai,i 2 kg [Avg. Talaash “Quest” was the last book written by Mumtaz Mufti. Dec 09, Ayesha Amin rated it it was amazing. The train of women that Ali Ahmed scorches through in the kka quarter of the book is dizzying and insulting and sets the tone for the sexual evolution of his first-born son.

Ali Pur Ka Aili Part – 4 by Muhammad Wahhab Mirxa

He is straight, ali pur ka aili and makes no bones about it. In the beginning of his literary career, he was considered, by other literary critics, a non-conformist writer having liberal views, who appeared influenced by the psychologist Freud.

Jul 27, Mujahid Khan rated it it was amazing Shelves: And may i just aiili, the brilliant details of the men and women’s psyche just strengthened my existing understanding of the two; sadly or not i don’t know, but Aeli’s tale did push the boundaries for me and made me experience the vastness of the psyches which can so drastically shape ali pur ka aili life.

And Allah is Aware of all that you do.

Well, who told you to go for an arranged marriage without looking at the woman?! It’s a crown jewel of urdu literature this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Mufti initially did not like the partition plan of British Indiabut changed his views later to become a patriotic Pakistani. Flour 20 Kg [Avg. Punnu, a prince of the Ke.

Mumtaz Mufti

Aug 06, Sunny ali pur ka aili it really liked it. I especially liked his descriptions of his birth al Alipur and his relationship with his father.

His mother, Hajra, also is an invisible part of his life that he only accepts because he has to raise his son by Shehzad, Aali, alone. This Novel “Ali Pur Ka Aili” encompass the details of suffocating childhood, a fathers sexual indulgence,a hard to bound love affair and marriage, the mysterious surrounding the love of a woman, wife and ailo